Just Young at Heart No More – Bio Young Wellness

This month Cube Co-Working, would like to touch on a very basic aspect of people – health and youth. The desire to look young is perhaps something humans have been trying to do for centuries, over the years we have developed various methods to accomplish this. Some opt for surgical […]

SAI Carpets and Furnishings – Over 3 Decades of Furnishings

When we walk into buildings, many of us don’t normally notice the most basic aspects of the furnishings around us. We tend to focus on the decorative elements that stand out, things like special lighting, or furniture, and sometimes all we notice are bold aesthetics. But most of the time, […]

The ‘Aloe’ Effect – Organic Australian Mart

Every so often, we as human beings may feel afraid of venturing into the unknown. This is especially true when we are so used to the norm and in doing what we have taken years to perfect. But as we have all learned pandemic that has created a new norm […]

Of Tradition, Culture and Arts – The Story of Kshetra Academy

Living in Malaysia we a fortunate enough to be immersed in a multicultural society.  A society where arts, culture and tradition run deep. This Merdeka month, we got the opportunity to speak with two renown names in the world of classical Indian music and dance.  They are none other than […]

Getting to Know – Glo Tech Medical Sdn. Bhd.

Pictures of frontliners in their full PPEs in various crowded hospitals and vaccination centres have become a daily occurrence across mainstream and social media today. Their tireless effort in saving Malaysian lives is the stuff of legends. But little light is shed on those keeping the frontliners safe. This month […]
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