2021 Space-saving Loft Design Ideas

For owners of “Nano Appartments,” space-saving is always a big concern. As loft design becomes more popular in Hong Kong, more people are looking to incorporate space-saving ideas into their design. Here are six space-saving loft design ideas that can help you enlarge your living space. Home Studio Due to […]

Storage Tips for the Shopaholic in you!

Love to shop? If you have the means to do so, why not? Hong Kong’s reputation as a “shopping paradise” is definitely well-deserved! Shopping sales in Hong Kong will make any shopaholic go into a shopping frenzy! Unfortunately, home space can be limited, and many worry about where to store […]

Smart Tips to Keep your Antique Family Photos Looking Their Best!

Make your photos last and preserve your family memories for generations to come and beyond. When you discover old photos and albums, it feels like unearthing buried treasure! Give your future generations the chance to experience this feeling too, by preserving all of your family’s precious memories and pass them […]

How to Store and Display Action Figures

If you are a collector, showcase your pride and joy for your guests to see! Don’t hide your collection out of sight! Whether it’s your Star Wars action figures, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers or Barbie Dolls collection, we know how much you love them. Instead of keeping them safely hidden […]

Survive the Pandemic with these Money Saving Ideas for Your Business

We asked the experts for top tips on how businesses can stay afloat and survive the economic impact. Read on for insights! The Coronavirus has greatly impacted small businesses globally, with 1 in 4 small businesses having to close its doors, as stated by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. This […]
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